General Questions

Wordpress. What's that?

It's a free, open source blogging platform, powered by PHP and MySQL. It can also be used as CMS (Content Management System) and with its many features (including user-firendly workflow, rich plugin architecture and advanced templating system) is offering full customization of the website.

Wordpress theme. What's that?

Theme (template) is something like skin - a ready to use design for your WordPress website.

What do I need your themes for?

Default and free themes are dull. With our templates you can easily revive your website and adjust it to your style, business needs or simply - mood!

Technical Questions

Will my plugin "X" work with your themes?

It SHOULD work. However, there are lots of third-party plugins available and we can not guarantee that they will all work. Some of them may simply cause conflicts with libraries used in our themes.

Are the themes widget-ready?

Yes, they are - if only themes's design allows.

Which browsers/systems are your themes compatible with?

We have tested our themes on all of the modern web browsers like IE 7 and 8, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Google Chrome. As long as your WordPress is installed correctly they should also run on any operating system.

Will your themes run on Windows Server environment?

Yes, they should run perfectly.

How often are the themes updated?

As soon as we find any bugs or problems. We will also try to add new features frequently.

How to check what changes were made in new version?

With every update we give you a file called 'changelog.txt'. Go and examine it ;)

How to update the theme to a latest version?

Download latest version and then:
If you haven't made changes to your theme core files, then you can go ahead and overwrite your old version with a new one available.
If you have made changes, then you need to examine the changelog file and check which files need updating. Having a backup is a good policy.

How to change language of the theme?

All of our themes are equipped with english PO files. To change language you have to translate it and then generate new PO and MO files.

Pre-Sale Questions

Do your themes work with WordPress 3.0+?

Yes, they do.

What are the server requirements to run your themes?
  • Wordpress 3.2 or higher
  • PHP 5 or higher
  • MySQL 5 or higher
  • GD 2 library support
  • cURL library support (compiled into PHP)
  • Support for Timthumb image resizing script
What the heck is the PSD file?

It's a source file for Photoshop (graphic editor used by most of web designers) and you need it for theme customization - changing logo, graphic elements etc.

Can I download and test your themes before I buy them?

We're sorry but no. However each theme has a live preview which presents its capabilities - you may be familiar with this.

Can I use your themes on commercial projects?

Sure you can! You are free to use them to develop commercial and client projects.

Can I modify your themes to my needs?

Of course you can! Change images, logos, colors, fonts, layout and all the things related to the design as you wish.

You are free to edit or remove copyright notice in the theme's footer.